Fylde Coast Radio

Weekly Schedule

"...for the music you won't hear anywhere else ! "

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Can be downloaded from here

Or on our landing page in the top left hand corner

What you can expect is great music 24/ 7 and info to interest and engage our target listenership of " over 45's " during the day. That's morning and afternnons  ... with specialist genre programmes in the evening from 7 

( and at lunchtimes ) - disco / jazz / blues / country / r&b / reggae / funk / soul / folk northern soul / poetry and spoken word / movies / indie / comedy / oldies / prog rock - all with live local presenters broadcasting from South Shore

Local Sport on Saturday afternoons with local weather hourly

All the local Police Services from around the Fylde  have a 10 minute spot each Wednesday on Mornings with Hughie  to advise about items of interest to Fylde Folk - this is repeated later in the week

...and we have our usual regular weekly spots from our Vet - Gardener - Chef - Butcher - Greengrocer, Holiday Specialist & Legal Eagle

...plus updates of what's on locally and nearby - and the weekend.