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The Monday Night MixTape!

 Juan brings you the magic on a Monday night 9pm-11pm with the tunes you really don't hear anywhere else......... No, REALLY don't hear anywhere else! with a truly eclectic mix tape they will have you questioning "What will he play next?". The Monday Night MixTape grows in popularity every week in part by fantastic features like the Connections Round and the 1 in 5 Game to name but a few so Join us Monday nights you would be foolish to miss it!!!..

 Munch Time Music Mix with Mr Smooth  ( Brian Summers and Toni Rose ( sometimes ! :-) _ 

Boogie Nights

09:00 - 11:00

Juan Solo  

Monday Night Mix Tape


2:00 - 4:00 pm

Boogie-Nites consists of Ashli & Gary ( 2 of the Fylde Coasts finest entertainers -- :-) ) considered to be the Groovier / Funkier & Younger answer to Richard & Judy.
Introduced to radio presenting over 2 years ago, the bug got a hold of them and now their Boogie shoes are firmly planted behind the desk at Fylde Coast Radio.
Playing the best in Boogie / Disco & funk interspersed with Gary's Fascinating Facts / Ashli's Big Tips & more.
Ashli loves all things Boogie & so Garyhas  no choice but to love it too.
Building up quite a following of loyal "Boogateers" on their "Boogie Bus" on Mondays, there is always room for more onboard.
A fun show with something for everyone who lived (or in Ashli &Gary's cases) are still living the heady days of disco.
Grab your Flares, Boogie Shoes and Glittery Balls and take to the floor on Mondays 7-9. Dont be late, cause the bus won't wait !!

09:00am - 12:00pm

Hughie Parr

Hughie in the Morning



Gordon Elliman.

Show Sponsor

Norcross Vets

12:00pm - 1:00pm

"I'm Sean (The Bohemian) Brown, actor, writer, stand-up, radio host and all round nice guy. My show is mostly rock but I listen to pretty much everything. My guilty pleasure song is Fancy by Iggy Azelea. The Bohemian Brown show is less Iggy Azelea and more Iggy Pop though. Every show starts off with a David Bowie song - he's so good and varied I could play literally just him and the show would still be great - and half way through I pick out three artists from the rebellious and androgynous world of glam rock. Besides that anything can happen and I've been known to break my own rules. If you want to request a song, just hit me up on twitter at TheBohemiaClub - not to be confused with the Bulimia Club, that's  different thing and not a club you want to be part of. Yes, I am referencing the Bullet/Balor Club, but no, nobody gets it. So check out the Bohemian Brown show, every Monday 5-7. 

 Also, I once killed a bear with my bare hands. So check out my show on Monday. I can't wait, in fact I can not BEAR the expense!!!"

Hughie Parr

Playing YOUR music - drop me a line - ask for a request - happy to play it for you

My love affair started with radio when at Junior School building a makeshift studio in my bedroom much to my parents annoyance as  I continually blew the electrics in the house. I later moved into hospital radio and presented programmes for Radio General - Warrington. In my mid teens I was lucky in spending two summers living and working for the English Section of Radio Prague now the Czech Republic presenting total propaganda items but still it  was radio !. After the launch  of local  radio I  did some  freelance with the then Radio Blackburn and Merseyside.

I for some unknown reason in the  70s left radio to attend University and pursue a totally different career. I returned to my first love Broadcasting five years ago working for Preston FM - then  City Beat Radio alongside presenting programmes for the Euranet Network whom syndicate content across Europe.
I  am now thrilled to be with Fylde Coast Radio and at the moment present the morning show Monday and Wednesday from 9am. Its early days in developing the show it being a fast past music mix and content to reflect the days weather - newspaper headlines - and appropriate rolling news updates. Im pleased also to have colleagues from Independent Media News with life interesting features. I look  forward to the show moving forward with  ideas and music choice from listeners etc

Hughie in the Morning


05:00pm - 7:00pm

Drive Time

Sean " Bohemian " Brown



07:00pm - 9:00pm

Boogie Nights

Ashli & Gary 



Sean " Bohemian " Brown

"...for the music you won't hear anywhere else ! "